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How to Learn Magento? Here Are The Top Resources For You

Learning Magento may sound like a herculean task at first, but when you have access to the right resources, your path becomes a bit simpler.

Merchants are always looking for the best platform for their ecommerce store and without any questions, Magento is their top pick. Why is that so? It is mainly because of the high degree of flexibility, customization and scalability that it has to offer. Being a free open source platform, it grows and expands with each passing day. It is no wonder that Magento is the most sought after ecommerce platform with big names like Nike, Samsung, HP and Jaguar using it.

Technologies Needed To Master Magento

  • HTML and JavaScript are needed for front end development as we are coding for the web. CSS is required for the customization and implementation of themes.
  • The knowledge of PHP is obviously required as Magento is built in PHP. So if you are already familiar with PHP, you have an edge here.
  • Along with PHP, you need to be well versed in MVC (Model-View-Controller) and OOP (Object-oriented programming) too as they facilitate the smooth operation of any ecommerce store by acting as architecture models.
  • The database system used in Magento is MySQL so you need to be acquainted with that as well. Also, to edit and change page layout knowledge of XML is very useful too.

So, if you are looking to learn Magento ecommerce development from scratch, then here are the top resources to help you in your endeavour-

Official Magento Website

The official website of Magento needs no introduction. It is the most authentic source of information on Magento. It provides Official Magento Documentations and Resources that are obviously the best out there. So browse this website to gain direct knowledge regarding Magento.

Popular Articles and Blogs

Take some time out to visit blogs, articles and discussion forums by expert Magento developers. It will give you the answer to all your questions and will add immense value to your skill. Some of the renowned Magento blog websites are as follows-

Video Tutorials

There are many Tutorial videos on Magento out there and some of them really do stand out. They are absolutely free and prepared by experts in this niche. Here are the links to the best of them-

Forum and Community Support

Magento forums are a great place to raise your doubts as the questions are answered by Magento developers with years of experience. The community support provided by Magento developers is immensely beneficial. You can check out Magento StackExchange and the discussion forum on Quora.

Online Courses

By enrolling in online courses you can learn Magento from basic to advanced techniques. You can find many resources for the same on places like Udemy, Lynda and MageTraining.

Abiding by the right kind of resources, your Magento learning curve will be upwards in no time. So all that’s left to do is enroll in a Magento training course! Due to the fast growing market for Magento developers, the job opportunities are booming. Even if you do not have coding skills, you can start from the very beginning and eventually become better at it. Embrace the opportunity and enhance your career now.


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