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Top In Demand Tech Skills That Will Get You Hired

The Information Technology world is always evolving. There is no guarantee that a particular skill set will land you a good job year after year. Employers put in a lot of effort in recruitment so that they can hire candidates who possess the latest, most trending skills. So, what are some modern and demanding tech skills that will help your CV stand out? Read the blog till the end to find out!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML): Although AI & ML are different, more often than not, they are used together. Over the years they have completely revolutionised the way humans interact with technology. Starting from chat box on websites to voice assistants such as Alexa and Siri, the possibilities are endless. The latest one being the self-driven cars by Tesla. To learn AI & ML, you will need good knowledge of programming languages like Java and Python. There are job prospects in every sector ranging from healthcare to finance.

Cloud Computing: Cloud Computing has become prominent in recent years as more and more companies are migrating to cloud solutions from traditional server infrastructure. The two leading cloud service providers currently are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, especially the former. AWS also has additional features to offers such as content delivery, database storage and networking. All in all, learning AWS is one of the most profitable IT skills out there right now.

Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity is one thing that even the global giants of this world struggle with. Protecting sensitive data easily tops the priority list of all organizations, private and public alike. As said earlier, due to the increase in cloud solutions recently, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Yet there still remains a gap to be filled and companies are not shy when it comes to paying their cybersecurity experts.

Data Science & Analytics: Once again a duo in the same point, data science and data analytics go hand-in-hand. It involves analyzing data from multiple angles using intricate formulae and algorithms. The main purpose is to make more accurate predictions for future prospects. There will be high demand for data scientists to judge the impact of the pandemic on their business.

Mobile App Development: With 3.5 billion smartphones users all over the world, this number is only going to increase exponentially. Companies have realised that in order to have a wider reach, having websites is not enough. Even SMBs are on the lookout for mobile app developers who can make custom mobile applications for their business needs. It is no secret that we use our smartphones a lot, jumping from one app to another.

Blockchain: Originally made for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, blockchain has evolved a lot since then. There’s much more to this technology such as peer-to-peer payments, crowd funding and digital voting. With these gaining popularity, more companies are on the lookout for developers who understand blockchain and can leverage this technology.

Apart from these in demand tech skills that will get you hired, some other IT courses that are worth enrolling in are IoT, full stack development and UI/UX Design. A bright and exciting IT career awaits everyone who acquires any of the above skills.


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