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Why Should You Choose Android Development As Your Career Option?

With over 2.5 billion users spanning more than 190 nations, android apps enjoy phenomenal popularity. Android dominates the market share, especially in developing nations across the world. This has triggered tremendous demand for people skilled in building eye-catching and fully functional android apps with fewer bugs. Organizations now want such apps to get a wider audience and better visibility. Since there is no shortage of job opportunities, android app development has become the preferred choice of many youngsters. However, if you are still confused about why you should choose android development as your career option, here are some valid reasons. Let’s have a look.

Easy to learn

If you had never coded before, android app development proves a bit easier in comparison to ios app development. You will only have to develop a brief understanding of Java and XML. While Java is a popular object-oriented programming language, XML is a structured mark-up language used to create layouts for android apps. There are plenty of online Java tutorials to master the language in as little as one week. Also, if you are familiar with HTML, learning XML will be a breezy affair! In short, the learning curve is low in android app development.

Decent Pay

Although the salary of ios app developers is high as they are less in number, the average base pay of an android app developer in India is ₹26,945 per month as per glassdoor. The pay scale rises with experience, and after 10 or 15 years of working as an android app developer, you may fetch a monthly salary of more than 1 Lakh! Now, if this is not decent, what else is? In a country where even a three–year course of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science could not guarantee decent pay or even a job offer, opting for an android app development course of 4 to 5 months is definitely a wise move.

Vast Community Support

Android is an open-source operating system and so there is also strong community support to solve queries. In case of any problem during app development, you can easily interact with other developers within your community and learn and work together!

Ease in Publishing

To publish your android app, you have to create a Google Play Developer account, and the rest of the journey is pretty smooth. However, publishing your ios app is not easy in Apple App Store because getting approval is a lengthy process. While your android app may be approved within a day, it may be a never-ending process for an ios app, as the Apple App Store is very selective when it comes to publishing apps! This also means that there is a risk of getting denied even after paying a high fee.

Hardware Independence

For developing an android app, hardware requirement is the least concern. In contrast to ios apps, where you require a Mac computer with the latest version of Xcode (Apple’s IDE), you need just a computer with any operating system.

So, it is clear that choosing android app development as a career option is a wise move. Moreover, several training institutes are now offering android application development courses at an affordable fee with an online learning facility. Located in Kolkata, Karmick Institute is one such leading training institute that takes pride in facilitating easy online learning in a 1:1 ratio and a lifetime opportunity to work on live international projects!


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