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5 Must-Have Skills Employers Look For in A Junior PHP Developer

Despite the rising demand for developers skilled in Python and JavaScript development, demand for PHP developers is going steady in 2021. For building WordPress websites or complex web platforms, the server-side scripting language is still the favorite. So, if you are someone thinking about marking your entry into the IT industry as a junior PHP developer, you are probably on the right track. However, you must know that there are some skills that employers look for in a junior PHP developer. Here are those five must-have skills. Let’s have a look.

Knowledge of PHP

To become a junior PHP developer, you must have knowledge of all the PHP syntaxes, operators, functions, strings, data types, and arrays. You must be well aware of form handling, validation, various callback functions, and other core PHP stuff. It is also good to acquire a decent amount of knowledge about object-oriented programming (OOP) because this will increase your chances of getting hired.

Familiarity with SQL

While using PHP, you are supposed to create web applications or websites that will use data in several ways. So, as a PHP developer, it makes perfect sense to become familiar with the structured query language (SQL). You must know SQL to understand how to perform various database-related tasks like creating databases and tables, deleting data from databases, updating databases, saving data, or querying a database. If you are familiar with SQL, you will be able to move the poorly performing code from the database and avert the problem which might have jeopardized your PHP program.

Understanding of MVC

MVC or the Model View Controller is the basic structure for all PHP frameworks. Using this architecture gives you the ease of coding and re-coding. So, it is widely used by developers, and to excel in your work as a junior PHP developer, you must have a proper understanding of the same.

Ability to communicate effectively

While having good communication skills help in your personal life to be clear about your need and convey emotions, it can be a game-changer at the workplace! If you want to steadily climb the ladder of professional success, you definitely need this skill. Employers often seek this skill set among junior PHP developers to ensure that they can do client communication and teamwork.

A knack for problem-solving

Believe it or not, problem-solving is now looked upon as an essential skill in almost every field, including PHP development. You may occasionally face problems while proceeding with a PHP development project. So, you must know the methodical approach of problem determination for eventually solving the same. Nowadays, many top IT giants analyze problem-solving aptitude during the interview round itself!

While learning HTML and CSS is also recommended to have a decent start as a junior PHP developer, it is better to opt for a PHP course to develop clarity in all the core concepts. You can enquire about the various PHP courses offered by IT training institutes. At Karmick Institute, the PHP course training comes along with a flexible learning schedule and is well-designed to impart you all the necessary skills. In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, the institute currently offers 1:1 online classes to facilitate safe learning.


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