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How Learning MERN Stack Can Boost Your Career

Web development has become an extremely lucrative and popular career prospect all across the world. The pandemic has really boosted online business and digitisation making web development skills much in demand. One such skill is MERN stack. In this blog, let us know more about MERN stack in detail, why is it becoming so increasingly well-known and is learning MERN stack the best career choice for you.

What is MERN stack?

Let us start by defining the MERN stack and what it stands for. MERN is an acronym for MongoDB, Express, React.js and Node.js. Here is a brief overview of each of them.

  • MongoDB: It is a document database program which uses JavaScript and is easy to set up. Data is stored in the JSON syntax thus making it palatable to maximum developers.
  • Express.js: Express.js or simply Express, is mostly used for designing web applications and APIs. It is a back-end framework that promotes code-reusability, has robust features and a huge Node.js community.
  • React: React or React.js is a type of JavaScript library used for front-end development of mobile and web apps.
  • Node.js: Node includes JavaScript runtime for developing scalable web applications. It is great for developers since they can download thousands of open source libraries using Node. It is mostly used for backend web development.

MERN stack is very similar to MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node) with the only difference being in front end development where MERN uses Express instead of Angular.

Now that we have a good overview of the MERN stack, let us see how learning it can boost your career.

Full Stack Development

A full stack developer is someone who caters to both front-end as well as back-end web development needs. Since MERN features both front-end and back-end development, learning it can help you build a career as a full stack developer. It is one of the top most in-demand jobs as of now.

Get Hired Easily

A company will always prefer hiring a full stack developer instead of hiring multiple developers for front-end and back-end. Since MERN combines four frameworks in one, learning this will improve your chances of getting hired by miles. Not only is it increasingly popular and efficient but also very cost-effective for companies.


All the frameworks under MERN stack are open-source which makes it a great tool to use for web development. There are no issues of proprietary licensing. Developers can tap into the full potential of MERN without any trouble.

Easy To Learn

One of the best things about MERN is that it is only based on one language- JavaScript. It is only the most popular programming language and almost every developer is familiar with it. With the free online resources and tutorials available, one can easily get started with MERN stack in no time.

High Salary

As mentioned earlier, full stack developers are in high demand and tech giants such as Amazon, Google and Facebook are constantly hiring remote developers who can work from anywhere. These MNCs pay very well and even their starting packages are great for freshers which only increases with time. Thus, big companies are actively looking for MERN stack development talent and if you happen to be the right fit, the financial career prospects are promising indeed.

So, these were some of the top reasons why learning MERN stack and making a career in it is a great path to follow for students. You can get started with your journey as a full stack developer right now with us by enrolling in our MERN stack development course today!


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