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Types Of Web Designing Courses In India That You Can Pursue


According to Internet Live Stats, there are over 1.5 billion websites over the web. Many of them may be beautifully designed to grab the attention of the visitors. Entrepreneurs all over the world put effort to have well-designed and functional business websites. No wonder, there is a steady demand for skilled web designers who can create websites that are stunningly beautiful with an improved user-interface.

Generally, those who have a creative streak prefer to join a web designing course. However, almost everyone can learn web designing without much difficulty from expert faculties. So, are you someone keen to join a web designing course in India? If yes, it is best to know about the types of web designing courses that are available in India.

Bachelor Degree Courses

In India, only a few colleges and universities offer a bachelor’s degree course in web designing. You can opt for an online bachelor degree course in web design and graphics if you are working somewhere and leaving your regular job is not possible for financial or other reasons. Qualification for joining a bachelor degree course in web design may vary from one university to another. However, you will likely acquire a comprehensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, basic internet protocols, graphics, scripting languages, cybersecurity, and more.

Here is the list of colleges where you can join a bachelor’s degree course in web design in India.

Chandigarh Group of Colleges Landran,Punjab (B.SC in Graphics and Web Designing-Duration 3 years)
Kalindi College, University of Delhi (B.Voc in Web Designing-Duration-3 Years )
Vismayam College Of Art And Media, Kozhikode ( B.A Multimedia-Duration-3 Years)

Note: In B. A Multimedia, you will learn a broad range of concepts starting from graphic design and web design to animation, film production, editing, VFX, and more.

Diploma Courses

These courses are usually of one to two years duration. Anyone after 10+2 can go for a diploma course in web designing. However, some educational institutes have some specific criteria for admission. The course is completely career-oriented and offers a thorough knowledge of web designing concepts so that after successful course completion, one can get placement in IT firms as a web designer, UI designer, UX designer, and so on. The course fee of a diploma in web designing in India can be anywhere between 50,000 to 4Lakh.

Here are the names of a few institutes that offer a diploma in web designing in India.

Nagaland Institute for Advanced Informatics (NIAI), Nagaland (Diploma in Web Designing –Duration-Six months)
Lyallpur Khalsa College Jalandhar (PG Diploma in Web Designing-Duration-One year)
Caba Innovatives, Delhi (Diploma In Web Designing-Duration-8 Months)

Certificate Courses

These courses are of short duration from one month to six months. Owing to the huge demand for skilled web designers in India and the existing skill gap, certificate courses in web design are now well-respected by the majority of IT firms. Most of the institutes offering such courses also offer placement assistance. Moreover, a lot of people are now opting for a certificate course instead of a degree or diploma course because these are short in duration and offer good job prospects.

Some of the training institutes that offer certificate in web designing are as follows:

MITCON eSchool, Pune (Certificate Course in Web Designing (Cascading Style Sheets), Duration-6 months)
Karmick Institute, Kolkata( Certificate in Web Designing, Duration-3 months)
Zee Institute of Creative Art (ZICA), Pan India location (Program in Web Design, Duration-6 months)
Pearl Academy, Delhi-West (User Interface (UI) Design Certification, Duration-11 months )

Some of these certificate web design courses are available at an affordable course fee. Some web design training institutes even offer flexible learning hours at weekends which makes these courses more appealing to professionals who want to acquire web designing skills while doing their respective regular jobs. So, choose the best one that suits your needs and have the first step towards a glorious career ahead.


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