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COVID-19 Pandemic-Reshaping The Education System

The Government has taken some decisive actions to prevent the rapid spread of the COVID-19. One of these decisions is the temporary closure of all educational institutions across the nation. Therefore, many exams at school, college, and university levels are either canceled or postponed.

Although these institutions were quick to make a shift from classroom teaching to online teaching, the digital divide is a challenge. So, it will be interesting to discover how the pandemic is reshaping the education system of India.

Digital innovation-a priority

Do you know only a small section of students has the luxury to learn via video calls and online classrooms? The majority has no other option other than relying on short notes shared over WhatsApp. Despite this enormous challenge, it is unlikely that students will attend educational institutions in large numbers anytime soon. So, digital innovation has become a priority for academic innovators and entrepreneurs.

Availability of online free courses

The Government of India is running learning platforms such as SWAYAM, Diksha, e-Pathshala, and much more to facilitate online learning to the masses. However, the pandemic has also led several edutech companies and training institutes to offer their content or training courses at a heavy discount. Some are even offering 1:1 online training classes on a wide range of job-oriented skills!

Increasing flexibility in learning

Students can now study at their own pace from any place. They don’t have to drop out or miss their classes. It is possible to care for an ill family member or do a part-time job to supplement the household income while studying in an online mode.

At present, the need for the hour is to acknowledge the significance of technology in the education sector. It is essential to develop a comprehensive action plan so that both students and teachers can comfortably adapt to the new trend.


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