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Top 7 Reasons to Become a Full Stack Developer

Top 7 Reasons to Become a Full Stack Developer

Full stack development is one of the world’s leading jobs in the IT industry and rightly so; most companies today prefer hiring a full stack developer who can take care of the frontend as well as backend web development needs. Their expertise in all necessary domains and rich set of skills is what makes the profession such an attractive one. From coding, UI/UX, product testing, database and everything in between, a full stack developer knows it all. In short, he is a jack of all trades and plays an extremely crucial role in web development.

Let us see the top 7 reasons to enter into this field and become a full stack developer-

High Demand

Full stack developer jobs are ranked among the highest on all job seeking websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed and UpGrad. The forecasted jobs for this career is in millions all around the globe. Not only does it have tons of job opportunities and high demand in India but in developed nations such as America, Canada and Australia too if you wish to go abroad.

Lucrative Remuneration

Right off the bat from an entry-level full stack developer role to middle and senior level, the pay scale is very good. The average salary packages of a full stack developer are well above the average compensation of other similar roles. Big companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook are constantly on the lookout for full stack developers.

Diverse Skill Set

A full stack developer has immense knowledge of every part of the web development process like backend development, frontend development along with various programming languages such as Node.js, PHP, Ruby, Python, React, Angular and Vue. There’s database management systems like MySQL, JSON, MongoDB and web servers like Apache. Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is also essential alongside some UI/UX skills which gives a full stack developer an extremely diversified portfolio.

Ease of Flexibility

Since a full stack developer is familiar with the entire process of web development, he has considerable flexibility when executing projects whether it is technical aspects or creative aspects. They have the opportunity to experiment and test things on all fronts before making any final decision.

Enhanced Productivity

A full stack developer can work independently and the need for team building is eliminated. There will be no contrast of opinions and no need to wait for other team members to do their part. Dependency on team members is entirely eliminated which otherwise would often result in postponement of execution. Therefore, it results in quick decision-making and better productivity for an individual full stack developer.

Working On Top Projects

The opportunity to work on world-class projects and build a strong portfolio is an added benefit of full stack developers. They are the first ones who are approached when it comes to delivering a high quality project for the company’s top most clients. Whether it’s an established firm or a newly incubated startup, you, as a full stack developer will get full credit and recognition for its completion.

Easy To Learn

After reading all the compelling reasons on why you should build a career in full stack development, I am sure you are curious to learn this skill. That’s another added benefit of full stack development. It is really easy to learn and get started with, especially with online learning which is on the boom. All you need to know is the basics and fundamentals of each of the components and you’re good to go. Your practical skills matter more to the company than a professional degree.

Thus, enroll in our full stack development course now and kickstart your career as a full stack developer. It is high paying, in demand and 100% future proof amid these uncertain times.


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