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How Learning Python Can Advance Your Career in The IT Industry

How Learning Python Can Advance Your Career in The IT Industry

Presently, Python is considered to be the world’s most popular programming language and has surpassed all others such Java, C++, JavaScript and C#. It has steadily made its way to the top with global multinationals such as Facebook, Spotify, Google and NASA dependent on it on a day-to-day basis. It has proven to be a great choice of programming language for beginners and professionals alike owing to its flexibility, scalability and diversity.

If you wish to take your IT career to greater heights then here’s how learning Python can help you achieve your goals-

Easy To Learn

The best part about Python? Learning it is easy! Anyone can learn this even if they have no prior knowledge of programming since Python as a language is fairly similar to English. Anyone can read the syntax of Python and make sense of it unlike some other complex programming languages. It is the best choice to learn if this is your first programming language.

Diverse Career Prospects

Don’t mistake Python’s ease of learning for its powerful, multipurpose nature. Just by learning this one programming language, you can choose from a plethora of career opportunities which are up and coming-

  • Data Science: One of the most popular jobs of the 21st century, data science makes use of prominent Python libraries such as NumPy, ScraPy, Tensorflow, Keras and Matplotlib. It has played a huge role in making data-driven decisions than based on estimates.
  • Machine Learning: Python has made a credible name for itself when it comes to using machine learning to build chatbots, speech recognition and image recognition systems. Libraries such as Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, TensorFlow and NumPy are used for this purpose.
  • Web Development: Python can of course handle the core component of a programming language, that is, web development, with utter ease. Libraries and frameworks such as Bottle, Flask, Web2Py, Requests and Sanic are commonly used for the same.
  • Automation: There are tons of necessary but sort of repetitive and boring tasks which need to be done. Python has made the automation of such tasks easily possible with its frameworks such as Selenium Python, PyTest, PyUnit and Robot.

Attractive Salary Package

Software development is one of the highest paying industries in the entire world and Python developers are no exception. Since Python finds its use case in such a versatile set of fields, global giants such as Netflix, Uber, Microsoft and Amazon are actively recruiting them by offering lucrative remuneration. Despite the pandemic causing havoc in all of 2020, Python developers were earning six figure salaries.

High Demand

Python is in such high demand because not only is it used for writing the code of websites but also smartphone applications. Owing to the pandemic, website development and app development has considerably grown and Python developers are in a position to reap full benefits. With more and more businesses wanting to shift online, this is your time to shine as a Python developer.

Bright Future

The places where Python finds its use are all future proof career paths and are only expected to grow with time; be it data science, machine learning or artificial intelligence. If you learn Python, you will definitely have job security and a pivotal role in paving the way for the IT industry in the coming years. It is also possible to work as a freelancer if you do not want to engage in full time employment.

Therefore, we can see that Python as a programming language has some great future prospects owing to its flexible, diverse and multipurpose nature. Enrolling in a Python development course now will guarantee you a successful job and a secure career.


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