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How To Develop A Successful Career in Software Testing

How To Develop A Successful Career in Software Testing

No matter which field of the Information Technology (IT) industry you serve, working with softwares is an essential part of the job. Ranging from simple tools such as Microsoft Office or Google Workspace to complex ones such as Tableau or Atlassian JIRA, these softwares are key to getting work done on a daily basis. There is a dedicated team of software testers who are constantly working with these softwares to upgrade it, make it more user-friendly and ensure a seamless, bug-free experience to the end user.

What is software testing?

Software testing is the process to evaluate the working of the software application in question to ensure that it adheres to the required standards. The purpose of software testing is to make sure that the software is performing smoothly as it should, identify any shortcomings and rectify them.

The person who does the above mentioned job is known as a software tester or quality assurance tester.

Following are some guidelines in order to develop a successful career in software testing-

Analytical Thinking

A software tester must think critically and evaluate each problem keeping the customer’s interests in mind. After conducting rigorous tests on a newly developed software, he must carefully note the results and analyse them to gain comprehensive insights. The ability to think critically is one of the most important for a software tester.

Real-Time Situations

Whenever you are testing a software, you are doing it in a controlled environment but in the real world, things might be different. You must step into the shoes of your target customer for said software and test it as per the practical use case. It helps gain more clarity and simplifies things in the best manner for customers.

Automation Testing

Software testing is of many types such as unit testing, acceptance testing, stress testing and more. But, one of the most popular types of software testing is automation testing. You must learn this skill diligently as it will help you the most when landing a job. Essential skills to look out for are learning test automation tools and frameworks such as Katalon Studio, UFT and Selenium.

Cross-Browser Testing

With so many web browsers in the market like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Brave, software testers must ensure that each website in each browser delivers the same level of performance. This is why cross-browser testing is becoming increasingly popular in software testing companies and is an indispensable skill you must learn.

Internet of Things

Gone are the days when testing was just about the software. With so many smart devices in the market such as fingerprint reader door locks, motion sensitive lights and voice enabled smart speakers, testing has taken a big leap. Being familiar with such technologies will ensure a secured career in the future.

Being A Team Player

Last but not the least, although software testing sounds like a solo job, it actually works best with a team of developers and testers. You must be able to cooperate with your teammates, communicate effectively and be open to new ideas. Keeping up this enthusiastic teamspirit and a positive approach will help you become a good software tester in the long run.

To conclude things, these were some of the top skills that will help you secure a successful, future-proof career in software testing. Based upon your interest, you may choose whether to enroll in a manual software testing course or a software automation testing course.


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