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Essential Skills Required To Become a Software Testing Engineer

Essential Skills Required To Become a Software Testing Engineer

As a part of the IT industry we are required to use software and programs on a daily basis no matter what our field of expertise is. Some of the common applications which we all frequently use are Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe and many more. The reason these apps work buttery smooth on a daily basis is because a dedicated team of software testing engineers are continuously checking and improving it for any bugs.

A software tester or a QA (Quality Assurance) tester is someone who assures that the particular app works smoothly and is able to carry out all it’s dedicated functions without any hassle. Their job is really important since no app can be launched into the market until it is subject to rigorous quality checks and bugs by a team of software testers.

Following are some of the top essential skills one must possess in order to become a good software testing engineer-

Ability To Think Critically

As a software testing engineer, you must keep the customer’s interests in mind with each passing step. You have to think like a consumer and how he can have the best experience using the software. Keep in mind every possible situation of what could have happened if something went wrong and provide a remedy for each so that your software will continue to function properly.

Basic Knowledge Of Database & Linux Commands

A software usually has a large amount of data stored in backend databases such as MySQL and Oracle. There might arise situations when such data needs to be validated so some basic SQL queries will be needed for this purpose.

Similarly, knowledge of Linux commands will be needed since most of the software applications such as web-services, databases and application servers are usually operated on Linux systems.

Automation Testing

Being a QA tester, you are obviously required to have expertise in manual testing but there are some instances when automation testing is a better choice. For example, during the initial phase of any new project, it undergoes a lot of changes regularly and each change requires rigorous testing before it can be implemented. So essentially you are running the same tests over and over again. Using automation tools in such cases of repetition will save you a lot of time. Knowledge of any scripting language such as JavaScript, VBScript and C# will be an added bonus.

The Modern DevOps & Agile Methodology

Due to the increasing complexity of software and shorter deadlines, testers must train themselves in modern technologies such as DevOps and Agile. As the name suggests, Agile imparts speed and flexibility to the testing process while DevOps helps with cross-functional teamwork right from the start. Both of them result in high quality end products with faster time-to-market. Learning new methodologies like this eliminates rigidity and the unpopular Silo Effect in QA testing.

Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Learning software lifecycle management skills is extremely useful for any developer as it will immensely help them with understanding application development tasks and plan testing cycles with ease. You can also tackle any complexities that may arise along the way if you possess good knowledge of SDLC. Some common technologies that go hand-in-hand with these skills are Waterfall, Kanban, Scrum and Lean.

Familiarity With Testing Tools & Techniques

Regardless of one’s domain and expertise, the knowledge of various types of testing such as unit testing, system testing, penetration testing, black box testing, etc makes them versatile and allows flexibility in working. Same goes for familiarity with the plethora of tools out there such as bug tracking tools, GUI testing tools, automation tools and so on.

Understanding The Code

If you are still living under a rock and think that only programmers need the knowledge of coding then you couldn’t be more wrong. In today’s modern age, even testers need to have the basics of coding clear. It helps them understand how the application functions on a deeper level and testing the same becomes more efficient. The knowledge of coding will definitely give you an edge if you plan to apply for jobs as a software testing engineer.

Web & Mobile Technologies

Web development as well as mobile app development are both very dynamic in nature. Frequent advancements keep happening in this sector. A good tester should keep a tab on these latest happenings and keep himself up to date. It will serve as a guidance to them when dealing with coding architecture and technical challenges along the way. This way, testers can effectively deliver up to the mark QA solutions.

Apart from these essential skills, there are a number of soft skills one develops over time in the journey of becoming a software testing engineer. Things such as time management, good communication skills, organization and a positive attitude come with experience. For the time being, you must choose whether to enroll in a manual software testing course or a software automation testing course.


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