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Let’s Talk: Which is the best career option for you?


He is strong, he is knowledgeable, but one wrong decision and “HE Quits”…. Aamir Khan’s movie 3 Idiots expose an entire generation where parents and teachers force the students to the risks of choosing a wrong career in their life.

When you have more options in career, there will be more questions and this leads to confusions on the choice of career. As per recent survey on Class 10 students, many of them are not sure which career they should choose. In fact, they are also confused in choosing which subject to keep and which one to give up in Class 11. So, students need to know how to choose the right career path to secure their future?

There are the three important areas mentioned below that every student should focus on and then move ahead with the right career choice in their life.

  • Understand personal interest
  • Financial flexibility
  • Measure future prospects

Money is a necessity, but knowledge is more important

Money is important in life. Money helps us buy our basic needs, comforts, and luxuries. With the help of money, we buy foods, houses, and clothes. But, still, money cannot buy everything. You cannot buy one’s knowledge, loyalty, trust and love with money. Though money is essential,you should have the knowledge to earn money decently. Similarly, if you have only knowledge, and you cannot use it to earn money, then the power of knowledge remains without benefits.

How to overcome a wrong career choice?

  • Choosing your career after your parent – Engineer’s son will be an engineer, doctor’s son will become a doctor is a common thing in India. But, always it is not true. Maybe you are a good photographer being a doctor’s son, so pursue your passion and turn it into your career. It will help you in career growth in the near future.
  • Never ever choose a job based on compensation. It is a common mistake that every candidate makes in the initial days of the career. Remember that if the job role does not interest you, then you should not continue with the same.

How can Karmick Institute help you make the right career choice?

Sometimes, it is difficult to choose the right career. But, having a defined career direction will obviously help you get the job. Karmick Institute helps the students on the following areas:

  • Proper planning of career path
  • Improves Self-reflection of one’s personality
  • Motivates to work hard in building a good career

These areas will help the students to set their own career path. Karmick Institute guides the students to fulfill their career goal in overall aspects.


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