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What are Employers looking for you in an interview?

Interview Tips Karmick Institute

When you begin your career as a fresher, one of the biggest challenge is the interview round. All your hard work, knowledge and skills is tested in an hour and sometimes within 15 minutes and most importantly you are required to prove yourself as an asset to the hiring company. Clearing an interview means you have your first job, hence, your efforts should not be less than 100%!

The interview process is an opportunity for employers to test candidates in terms of their knowledge, skill, behavior and seriousness towards the job. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind before you step into the interviewer’s room.

1) Crystal clear concepts – Employers are not looking for a genius. Their expectation is to find a candidate who has sufficient knowledge to tackle day-to-day challenges in the respective field. Any interviewer would want to ensure that you have crystal clear concepts of the basics.

2) Positive attitude – Throughout the interview make sure that you are positive. Even if you are questioned on something that you don’t know, request the interviewer to answer the same. As soon as you get the answer, thank the interviewer for informing you. This will give a hint to the interviewer that you are hungry for knowledge and self-development.

3) Punctuality – One of the most important aspects of getting selected in interviews is punctuality. If you are given a time of 12 in the afternoon, then reach the venue by 11:55 am. But don’t be late. Reaching too early is a wastage of time.Karmick Institute Interview Tips

4) Proven records – Though most of the employers are looking forward to hiring experienced professionals. You can always impress them by showcasing the variety of work that you did on live projects. Try and give them a quick overview of the various aspects that you have worked on during the training period.

5) Reasonable salary – Employers are very specific about the salary that they will be required to pay. They would want to know what your salary expectation is at this point. Here don’t say something, which is beyond the industry rate. Keep it reasonable by researching on the salary trend so that both the parties can be benefited.

6) Independent thinking – Employers love candidates who can think independently and they are not dependent on the managers. It will help them follow the idea of their own and impress the employer. In a job interview, always share your opinion rather just sitting and answering the questions.

7) Be self-motivated – Employers look for candidates who can easily self-drive themselves. They like new hires who actually have a clear mind and know very well what the candidate wants from their life or career. The spontaneous candidate always makes the way out and feels that nothing is impossible in today’s competitive world.

Cracking an interview is easy if you have the right knowledge and can present yourself as an asset to the hiring company.

Karmick Institute wishes you all the best!

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