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Web Designing – A way to a bright future


What is web designing and its future scope?

Web Designing is not a new concept in today’s world. It has now become an integral part of IT industry. It is simply the planning and creation of responsive websites. The web designers use images, text, HTML5, responsive web design, bootstraps, CSS3, Photoshop and many more elements to create a web page. They mostly use the markup language like HTML for creating a structure and CSS for presentation.

While choosing a career as a web designer few questions click to the mind like what is web designing? What is the job role of a web designer? What is the career perspective of this course? What are the areas that the course covers? and much more. Well, web designing has a great career prospect as it is an integral part of the industry and almost every company needs their web presence to promote their products or services through internet. However, one might not be sure as to how to become a web designer? Well, one can enroll in a short term course to learn modern web designing tools and programs and join the industry.

web designing course in kolkata with placement

The courses are of short duration which can last up to 3 months. In this short duration, the professional faculties train the candidates in Photoshop, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, Bootstrapping and so on which helps to create responsive websites. The candidates are trained on UI and UX based design styles. They are trained to implement cross browser compatibility on websites. To boost the confidence of the candidates, they are allotted with live projects where they have to make the practical application of tools and techniques that they have learned.

Upon successful completion of the course, the students are required to clear a test after which they become a certified web designer. This certification helps them to bag a job in different industries like media, education, software industry etc. One can enroll in the course after completing the 12th standard.

The designers are entitled to take big responsibility as they can create a good visual impact and user-friendly websites. So, give your career a boost with Web Designing Training at Karmick Institute.


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