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6 Software Testing Hacks for Beginners


Even if you are a very good software tester, you are still not free from human error. After hours of work, you could bring the best testing program, but you can miss some bugs in the code that you are testing. Working for long hours and fixing the issue is not the ultimate answer. You have to become smarter and follow some hacks that will reduce your workload and make you a perfect software tester.

1. Test Cases- It is good to run test cases when you are trying to find bugs in the programming. Rather than having too many test cases, just have a few and effective ones. Analyze the software requirements, now break the tests into subsets, and separate the similar test cases and keep them together and then practice, practice and practice.

2. The increase of test coverage- Break the software into small sections and then write the tests in small batch. This will help you perform the test fast and you do not have to run one single test.

3. Automation Tools- If you have regular updates of programs, it is effective for you to use an automation tool. This way you will save time and you do not have to give extra labor to write the fresh script for the new set of tests.

4. Regression Testing- Regression testing make sure that new changes do not affect old functions. You need to incorporate the testing method in your daily testing cycle.

5. Try different methods- Avoid same-old testing format and use your guts to bend the rules to find potential vulnerabilities. If you find something different while testing, then you can take the actions immediately.

6. Bug sound- Software bugs which are accompanied with sounds need to be taken care the most because they take up more of your CPU usage and it is advisable that you quickly take action against these bugs.

With software testing, you need to think beyond your requirements and you should keep all the equipment in place. These six software testing hacks will make sure that you are a better tester. For learning advanced developments, it is always suggested to undergo a certified software testing course.


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