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5 IT Jobs In 2020 With Bright Career Prospects

India is embracing digitization at a terrific speed. Do you know India has 250 million active social media users? In India, some YouTubers are even earning in six figures! Internet penetration is astounding in metro cities..

According to a 2019 report by the Internet and Mobile Association of India, Kolkata with 6.7 million internet users is only next to Mumbai (11.7 million). No doubt, the IT sector will be a clear winner in 2020. Businesses are ready to hire people equipped with new-age IT skills.

The jobs of tomorrow will be different. So, if you are looking to grab an IT job in 2020, here are the five IT jobs with bright career prospects.

Blockchain Developers

Blockchain is a new-age digital technology. It has caught the attention of businesses across the world due to its useful features. Currently, India enjoys the 6th position in terms of the number of blockchain patents. There is a skyrocketing demand for developers having knowledge of various blockchain platforms. The demand is expected to increase all the more in the coming year. Due to a limited talent pool, a blockchain developer in India can command a high salary. The prospects of career growth are bright in business organizations, banks, and insurance companies.

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

With automation becoming a reality in all industries, the demand for professionals strong in mathematics (probability, algorithms, and statistics) and coding skills is increasing like never before. All tech giants are heavily investing in artificial intelligence (AI) to develop software that can function as a human with machine-like accuracy. So, if you have outstanding mathematical skills and creative thinking skills, it is best to become an artificial intelligence specialist.

Robotic Process Automation Consultant

A tedious task can be best done by robots, and this realization has fueled the robotic process automation. No wonder, there will be significant demand for RPA consultants in areas that are labour-intensive. An RPA consultant will be hired to devise strategies for the best possible use of RPA in various business organizations. For example, RPA may find application in warehouses for loading and unloading of heavy packages, patient billing in healthcare facilities, and so on. The manufacturing sector is also expected to hire RPA consultants to cut cost and bring operational efficiency.

Digital Marketing Specialist

As more and more people are using social media, businesses can no longer rely on SEO experts. They are looking for professionals who can devise, create and execute a winning digital marketing strategy that can make their business grow. A digital marketing specialist is a professional who can drive customer acquisition across all digital channels. Even, a large number of start-ups and SMBs are hiring digital marketing specialists to boost their business.

Python Developer

Python is the official server-side language of Google. Over the years, it has emerged as one of the most sought-after programming languages. It has even surpassed Java in terms of popularity because of its versatility. Hence, there will be a high demand for Python developers in the IT industry in 2020. As a Python developer, you will be supposed to do data analysis, web development, software testing, and so on.

There is also a considerable demand for Javascript developers and cybersecurity specialists which is not going to cease in the next year. So, think wisely and choose a career that seems the best-fit to you as per your academic background and interest.


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