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UI/UX Moves Towards Vue, Node & Angular Js. Do You Know Any Of These? Learn Now

UI/UX Moves Towards Vue, Node & Angular Js. Do You Know Any Of These? Learn Now

“UI is the saddle, the stirrups, & the reins. UX is the feeling you get being able to ride the horse.” — Dain Miller

When an ace web designer said these words, he was absolutely right. Earlier, developers do not pay much attention to the design and user-experience while building an application. Their focus was laregly on developing a fast, secure, and robust application, but this approach failed their chances of impressing their target audience. However, there is now a tremendous shift in the development approach.

Developers now don’t overlook the importance of UI or UX. They instead keep a close tab on the latest trends to make sure their app has a delightful feel and look. Now, while the terms UI and UX are used interchangeably, both are different. While the UI refers to the user interface, UX refers to user experience. User experience is the number priority of most businesses, now web app developers are increasingly using Vue, Node, or Angular JS, and these are all frontend frameworks.

What are frontend frameworks?

Everything that you see or interact with when you are using a web application is nothing but the outcome of using frontend frameworks. A large number of people gained knowledge of these popular frameworks and join the workforce as frontend developers. Remember, delivering a seamless user experience and user interface design is now unthinkable without a frontend framework, and the best choice of countless web application developers is the Vue.js, Node.JS, and Angular.JS. All of these are modern Javascript frameworks.

Why are Vue.js, Node.js & Angular.JS important?

Vue.js is considered perfect for small-scale web app development because it is lightweight, SEO-friendly, and has good documentation. Do you know that currently, 29% of all javascript web app developers use Vue.Js? Again, Angular.js is the favorite of many for developing large-scale web apps as it ensures a fast development process and has plenty of useful features.

Approximately 460,000 websites over the web are powered by various versions of AngularJS. Well, this may seem a small number, but do you know that around 145,000 websites powered by Angular JS are in the top million websites, and this is quite amazing given the fact that there exist over a billion websites. Also, Node.js offers several useful design tools and UI libraries to start designing. It further facilitates them to create a package of their own design system that one can share with others.

These statistics are quite overwhelming. It is beyond any doubt that if you lack the knowledge of these latest frontend frameworks, your aspirations to become a web developer can be seriously compromised. So, it is best to find the right training institute and enroll your name as soon as possible.

If you are residing in Kolkata or in its nearby areas, you can join Karmick Institute that is currently offering 1:1 online training in the wake of a raging pandemic. Out of Vue, Node, and Angular js, choose the frontend framework that seems best to you and is easy to learn to kick start your career as a web app developer. Don’t let your lack of knowledge of these latest technologies a stumbling block in the path of your future career.


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