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Top UI/UX Designing Tools That Designers Must Learn

Top UI/UX Designing Tools That Designers Must Learn

Just like a soldier is incomplete without his shining armor, a UI/UX designer is also imperfect without the best designing tools. If you are a newbie in this field, you may have to scratch your head to find the best designing tools. Even many experienced designers feel a great deal of confusion as there are several tools that they must learn. However, no worries! Here are the top UI/UX designing tools that designers must learn.


SketchApp is a remarkable designing tool that is quite popular among UI/UX designers to create unique websites and apps. It comes with many features such as intuitive vector editing tools, easy exports, cloud sharing, and zoom up to the pixel level! The highly scalable Sketch app comes as a complete digital design kit.

Adobe XD

Are you familiar with Adobe Creative Cloud Suite? If yes, working with this excellent vector-based tool may seem like a cakewalk. It is not just for designing or prototyping but also for sharing, collaborating, and much more. Moreover, it is also available as an app that can run on Android and iOS mobile devices.


If you want to provide a visual understanding of a webpage to someone at an initial stage, wireframing becomes essential. Balsamiq is a fantastic wireframing tool with its multiple UI components, reusable symbols, drag, and drop functionality, and much more. Moreover, as it is a simple tool, even non-technical folks can use it to create a pretty wireframe within no time!


The web-based designing tool scores some brownie points from designers as it facilitates real-time collaboration, prototyping, and faster workflow. It also comes with powerful built-in features such as smart animate, advanced version control, and a vast plugin library that makes designing a breeze.


If wireframes are the skeleton of your digital product, prototyping is vital to make your design more acceptable for others in the design phase. So, as the name suggests, ProtoPie is a prototyping tool that does not require any coding at all. It also allows the designers to test their prototypes on real devices, which is crucial for creating a functional design.


If you are keen to work with a designing tool that facilitates you to create professional-looking websites with no code, trust Webflow. The tool acts as a visual canvas that empowers designers to create immersive interactions, animations, and responsive designs with easy preview and layout adjustment facilities.

Now that you know the top UI/UX designing tools, your next course of action should be to try some free trials to understand what can work best for you! However, it is imperative to remember that more than the tools, you must have the requisite skillset to create the best UI/UX designs, and for the same, you must opt for a job-ready web design course offered by Karmick Institute. The cherry on the cake is that it also guarantees placement assistance!


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