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Be prepared for machine test!!

Career Goal
Theoretical knowledge is limited. It helps you to take the first few steps, but if you wish to run in order to edge past others, you should be prepared for machine test.

In the initial years, when IT was introduced as a career option, the caliber of an individual was judged on the basis of how well he performed in the interview. The traditional interview setting comprised of written tests followed by viva voce and group discussion. All those who aced these stages went on to get employed.

Cut to the present scenario – the entire setting has changed. More and more emphasis is given on machine test. It does not matter what your IT knowledge is, you will be asked to appear for a machine test. Employers want to check the skill and expertise of the interviewee on the spot. On the basis of how they perform in the test, the final call is made regarding hiring them. Even if you are able to answer all the theoretical answers, if you are unable to show your skill during the machine test, your candidature is cancelled.

At Karmick Institute, we have always ensured that course module is framed in such a way that you get the opportunity to work on a “Live” Project. Each of the courses has an ongoing “International Live Project” where the student is given the opportunity to work in real time. They are responsible for the particular task assigned. They get to co-ordinate with the client, work under pressure and have to deliver the project on scheduled time.

The entire exposure prepares them for the job field. They get an idea of the scenario and how they need to handle the situation so that the client is happy and the works get completed on time.
With our customized basic and advance courses, you can be rest assured to crack any machine test.

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