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Overcoming the hardships to get your FIRST JOB

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Ever imagined how a ship leaves a port and struggles through the waves to reach its destination? This is exactly the same way in which life operates after schooling. Getting into college is just like leaving a port and starting a new journey, where there are unknown waves of difficulties. By the time one realizes that he/she needs to get serious, college life already comes to an end. This means you are standing at a point where most of the academic career is over, but you are nowhere close to your goals.

Many people term this phase as ‘Failure’. But they are absolutely WRONG. If a person doesn’t find a job after completing graduation, it simply means that the market demand is low than expected. For an instance, let’s say the demand for BCAs in 2014 was 1,00,000 per year in India. So most of the candidates would have joined this course in 2014 with a view to finding a good job in the year 2017. However, due to some factors like the change in industry demand, if the demand for BCAs fell down to 40,000 in 2017, then it doesn’t mean that the remaining 60,000 candidates have failed.

An important trait of smart candidates is that they have the ability to adapt changes. If Plan A does not work, then Plan B is always there. The adaptation allows them to shift from one industry to a similar one where the demand is better. For this purpose, candidates may opt for the small training session from a trusted institute. The duration of such training is for 3-6 months. Once the training is completed, they will be industry-ready as well as certified. Moreover, there are web designing institutes in Kolkata, which offers 100% Placement Assistance after training and certification.

Web Design Training  center Kolkata

It is never too late to learn something. Everyone has to deal with hardships in their lives. The only difference is that some have to struggle for a longer period of time. Nevertheless, the feeling of overcoming the hardships and getting your first job is indeed amazing.

Best of Luck!


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