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Why do we need a Career Plan?

Planning for a dream career must start at an early age. Students who plan their career at an early stage end up with a stable and secured future. The objective of having a career plan is to prepare oneself for the big stage and be prepared for the involved challenges. At the same, it also makes people determined and objective defined.


  1. Areas of Interest- The most preferred way to choose a career is to move ahead in an area where you have an interest. For an instance, some people love to engage on Social Media, so their ideal career option would be a Social Media Analyst.
  1. Involved Course Fee- check the respective course fee of different institutes and make a comparison in terms of syllabus, placement records and reviews. It will help you handpick the best.
  2. Identify the prospect- Make sure that your career choice continues to serve the industry in future. Take into account factors such as demand of respective professionals in the industry, the scope of the selected career, etc.




  1. Communicate your Vision- Let your parents and mentor know about your career choice. Seek their advice and come to a common platform where both of you are convinced about the journey that you are about to begin.
  2. Continue research- Career development become firm with dedicated time for research. Continue to explore new dimensions in your career choice. This will keep you updated on the latest developments.
  3. Industry growth- The industry that you would be operating in will directly have an impact on you. Therefore, you should be well aware of the potential that your industry possesses.



  1. Stay focused- Mistakes are common and you should stay focused to learn from the mistakes and show your commitments towards the subject. Even if you feel that things are getting tougher, motivate yourself to move ahead and overcome the phase.
  2. Performance Monitor- Monitoring your performance at each level is very important from the perspective of acquiring skill and talent. After all, you need to sell your skills at professional level.
  3. Grab the opportunities- As you move deeper into your career choice, there will be opportunities. Some would be easy and other would be tough. Buy, never let any opportunity go.



  1. Professional Growth- After you become a professional, your career would require growth. This is done by meeting like-minded people, exploring new opportunities and selling your potential.
  2. Achieve Goals- Always focus on having goals with timeline. This will help you to chase your dreams within a determined period. There is no use buying a BMW car at the age of 85 years.
  3. Self Confidence- Never let anything ruin your confidence. If you have failed, take it as a lesson. If you have achieved something, take it as a motivation to achieve more.


So, Let the Journey Begin!


Karmick Institute has been in the industry for more than 7 years and within this timeframe we have managed to explore new opportunities for candidates and groom them as per the industry standards. With a record of 92% placements, we can certainly help you to find the right career at the right time.

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