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All You Need to Know About A Career In Web Development

A lucrative and hot career prospect in 2021, web development has experienced massive growth amid the Covid-19 pandemic. More and more businesses are shifting to digitisation and there is a surge in the demand for web developers. For a beginner or fresher, writing endless lines of code may seem intimidating and complicated; but that’s why we are here. To clear all the skills besides coding that one must possess to become a good web developer. In this article, we will focus on all you need to know before starting your career in web development.

So, what is web development?

Web development refers to the process of building websites and web-based applications. Its primary focus lies in building the entire technical architecture of a website from coding to programming.

There are mainly two types of web developers-

  • Front-end development caters to what the actual person sees upon opening a website. Everything from user interface, experience and overall layout falls under the purview of front-end development.
  • Back-end development refers to the server-side of things that are not visible to the website user directly. It involves database management, website servers and overall infrastructure on which the website is built.

There is also a third type of web developer known as a full stack developer who looks after both the front-end as well the back-end of the website.

Now, here are the top skills required to establish a career in web development-


HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the three building blocks of website development that every developer must be thorough with. HTML tags are mainly used for the front-end development of a website and provide the basic framework. CSS sets the style behind HTML while JavaScript makes the website attractive by adding animations, visuals and graphics.

API (Application Programming Interface)

APIs are an essential web development tool for managing third party data. It is highly important since it facilitates web developers to use certain functions without sharing the code. Some popular, in-demand APIs are Rest API, HTTP request methods, CRUD operation and so on. There are some public APIs on Github which you can check out.

Git & Github

Since we have just touched upon Github, let us know how Git and Github are useful for web development. Git is perhaps the most popular version control framework out there which is used by web developers across organisations. So, if you are looking to make a career in web development, learning Git for your version control needs is a must.

Github, on the other hand, acts as a community where web developers can push their git repositories to host their code. In simple terms, it is a great platform for web developers to meet like-minded people, collaborate on various projects and work together.


Many websites such as Twitter, Facebook and e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon require users to sign up, login and log out. All these functions fall under user authentication which keeps track of various users on a particular website. To allow users to securely carry out all functions related to their account, authentication comes into play; making it an indispensable skill.

DevTools & DevOps

Browser DevTools such as Chrome DevTools and Firefox DevTools are a great way to create, test and debug any web application. DevTools tabs such as components, reassure and network are further useful for editing HTML tags, CSS properties and even JavaScript errors.

DevOps, on the other hand, refers to a set of practices that combine software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). It helps in the knowledge of scaling and migrating your website between different platforms such as AWS, Netlify, Heroku and more. There are many such platforms so to become a good web developer you must have some idea about the popular ones and how to maintain your code on them.

MVC (Model, View, Controller)

Working on MVC makes web development faster, easier and less tedious by separating the entire application into three parts. Many high-level frameworks such as Laravel, Angular and Django are based on MVC patterns. Learning this skill will help you in your journey as a web developer immensely since learning any future framework of different programming languages will become easy.

In a vast field such as web development, the learning never stops. The aforementioned key skills are sufficient to give you a good start in the industry but you must continue to learn. It involves not just technical skills but also essential soft skills as well. Enroll in a web development course and kickstart your career today!


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