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10 Online Courses To Sharpen Your Skills During A Pandemic

With millions of professionals now working remotely, they have more time in their hands to sharpen their existing skills. Many have faced layoffs too. So, if you are among these, or want to know about the online courses that you can do to make the best use of this time to sharpen your skills, here are the top 10 courses that you can pursue online.

  • Digital Marketing With every business now going the digital route, this is the best online course that you can do, especially if you are a marketing professional. Even if you love social media, the course can help you immensely in your career.
  • Mobile App Development The demand for engaging and highly-functional apps is skyrocketing day by day. So, whether it is android, iOS, or hybrid, learning the art of developing engaging apps can prove useful.
  • Adobe Photoshop Not everyone has a flair for creativity. However, for those who are blessed, a course offering knowledge about image editing, layering, brushes, and much more could mean a wide range of opportunities!
  • Photography – If you love to capture the different moods of people, events, or just natural beauty, this is perhaps the best time to go for a short online course on photography.
  • Foreign Language – Learning more than one language has always proved beneficial from the career viewpoint. So, choose any of the foreign languages like Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, German, or Arabic.
  • Creative Writing – Every day, you came across content on various websites, social media platforms, and much more. So, if you love to express your views or have a strong vocabulary, give this course a try during the pandemic.
  • Cyber Security – With millions of businesses now having an online presence, cybersecurity professionals are in high demand like never before. They are needed to prevent any data breach, data theft, or unauthorized access.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Whether you are an IT professional or someone with a management background, do this course as AI is a trending topic in all industries.
  • VFX – The blockbuster performance of movies with heavy doses of visual effects has led to a high demand for skilled VFX artists. Even television serials and web series now use an abundance of VFX to catch the attention of the audience.
  • Interior Designing – Now everyone wants to ensure the optimal use of available space and to use it beautifully! So, if you are creative, love meeting new people, and have a great aesthetic sense, this could be an apt course to sharpen your creativity.

So, choose the one that suits your interest and give your career a boost! If you have a technical background and you are looking for a job, make sure to do an online course from a training institute that also offers placement assistance.


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