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Why You Should Learn HTML and CSS for Your Future Career?

Why You Should Learn HTML and CSS for Your Future Career?

One of the biggest plus-point in the tech field is that you can become job-ready in a short amount of time by learning the most in-demand skills. Unlike other industries that demand a degree or diploma, practical experience and profound knowledge are the two qualities that you need to achieve desired results. Both HTML and CSS are looked upon as the fundamental skills enjoying demand in the tech industry. Whether you are planning to do front-end development, web design, digital marketing, or even backend development, you could certainly apply your new-found skills. Now, if you don’t have any idea of these two, let’s have a look.

What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hyper-Text Markup Language. Developed in 1990, HTML is considered the building block of web pages or the standard markup language that defines the structure and meaning of the web content. You must have heard about hyperlinks that connect one web page to another. These are nothing but HTML links. It is often supported by CSS.

What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is a style sheet language that was developed after the introduction of HTML. It enables web designers to add custom colors, layouts, fonts, and unique designs to their webpages. However, the biggest advantage that it offers is the sheer control over design that now web designers have and this was quite unthinkable with just HTML. Moreover, you can use it with any XML-based markup language.

In short, both HTML and CSS are powerful coding languages that are essential to build eye-catching and robust web pages. However, if you are still unsure about why you should learn HTML and CSS, here are the top 5 reasons.

Both Are Comparatively Easy To Learn

If you are thinking that learning HTML and CSS may take several months, just keep aside all your apprehensions. As both are fundamental web development languages, it will take a maximum of 2 weeks or three weeks to understand the basic concepts of these two languages. There is also no need to have any prior technical experience to master HTML and CSS. In short, the learning curve is not steep and you can learn fast in comparison to other languages such as Ruby or JavaScript.

Availability Of Plenty Of Entry-Level Jobs

If you are eager to quickly join the workforce, there is no better alternative than learning a skill that is in demand. There is no dearth of junior and entry-level jobs in the IT industry that require knowledge of HTML and CSS. Even if there are a lot of people who know to code in these two languages, these are still valuable skills that are needed by plenty of employers.

Helps To Easily Grasp Other Languages

By developing an understanding of HTML and CSS, it will become easier for you to grasp other languages or technologies more quickly and easily. Moreover, if you are seriously aspiring to have a career in web development, it is best to know the fundamentals and then add new skills to gain expertise in your field.

Can Become An Additional Income Source

Internet is currently powered by HTML and CSS. Be it Netflix, Google, or Facebook, it is hard to spot a company that does not employ people equipped with these skills. Even, if you are not at all ready for making a change in your career, you can still earn money as a freelancer after learning HTML and CSS. In short, you can have an additional source of income which is just awesome in the age of inflation! Just don’t forget to keep on improving your skill with each project.

Aids in boosting your overall confidence

Learning a bit of HTML and CSS means you can now collaborate with web developers or designers at your workplace. You can even design your own website from scratch or take a new project armed with the additional knowledge of these two skills. If you are planning to start your own small business, you don’t have to hire anyone to build your website from scratch.

Today, it is impossible to ignore the importance of HTML and CSS. So, just go ahead and learn these two to have a flourishing career. Try to find a training institute that offers demo classes and 1:1 online training for quick and effective learning.


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