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Why You Should Learn CodeIgniter Framework For Your Future Career?

Why You Should Learn CodeIgniter Framework For Your Future Career?

As a PHP framework, CodeIgniter had already scored high points among developers. While it is true that it is facing tough competition from Laravel, as it offers absolute freedom to develop dynamic and full-featured web applications using PHP, the PHP framework is the first choice of many developers worldwide! Moreover, its low learning curve and small footprint make it apt for aspiring developers. Still, if you are not sure that why you should learn the CodeIgniter framework for your future career, here are some of the compelling reasons.

Saves considerable time – Much of the time goes wasted in typing codes, but this does not happen in the case of CodeIgniter. Here, you are not required to type much, which means fewer mistakes. You will be surprised to know that in CodeIgniter, errors within the code are displayed almost instantly! Also, you may already know that fewer mistakes mean spending less time in code debugging. This leads to faster completion and delivery of your project.

Gives priority to security – Security is always a prime factor for businesses across the world. They need secure websites and web apps which is possible effortlessly with codeignitor. The open-source PHP framework is a pro in dealing with security threats like cross-site scripting attacks, remote code execution, and SQL injection. Moreover, you can improve security by the installation of plug-ins.

Plenty of assistance – When you work using CodeIgniter, you get plenty of assistance which is
crucial for building robust web apps. There is an active online community that provides solutions to the problems of CodeIgniter developers. There are also plenty of handy guides that are well documented.

Ample support to other DBMS – While Laravel offers support to only a few DBMS, including ORACLE MYSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, OrientDB, and JDBC, CodeIgniter provides ample support to many database management systems. Some of these are MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft BI, Oracle, and others. It has a full-featured database class to lend support to traditional structures as well as query builder patterns.

Better structure – CodeIgniter comes with a Model-View-Controller (MVC) structure where there is a separation between presentation and PHP scripting. As a developer, you can enjoy a lot of flexibility in making changes to individual components. While a front-end developer can work on the presentation and views, a back-end developer can work on models.

Easy Configuration – It is always easy to work with the CodeIgniter framework as unlike other frameworks where configuration is a complex one, this one has a super-easy configuration. You have to first install CodeIgniter as per the configuration of your system. Next, you need to open the config.php during programming to load everything, such as the library, arrays, and databases.

If you are in the city of joy, you definitely need to enroll yourself in a CodeIgniter Framework training institute in Kolkata to learn the popular PHP framework. Meanwhile, if you are excellent at self-study, there are also online resources from where you can get codelignitor tutorials to learn the basics.


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