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Why You Should Learn Bootstrap As A Web Designer

Why You Should Learn Bootstrap

Merely writing code and establishing a website on the internet is not enough. If you are trying to entice your potential customers into visiting your portal and convert into paying customers, your website has to be visually and aesthetically appealing. It also has to be user-friendly and have utility. This is the job of web designers.

Today, web designers are every bit as much in demand as developers. Skilled and competent designers command lucrative packages across blue chip companies and are hugely sought after by headhunters.

In this blog, we will explore why learning Bootstrap will help establish your career as a web designer.

Easy to use

If you are familiar with CSS pre-processing, Bootstrap allows you to work with LESS files. Having said that, if you have never used it before or are unwilling to use it now, Bootstrap provides plain CSS files also. If you are looking to use plain CSS files, you can readily download the same from the Bootstrap website. To use them, all you need to do is to include them in the head of your HTML files after unzipping them. This will enable you to access the entire framework. You can now use the bootstrap classes that are predefined with the markup. Please remember – before you can convert your designs to markup, make sure that your designs are using the default framework grid.

Strong support from an online community

Bootstrap is hosted on Github as an open source project. As such, it boasts of a large community that extends support and is updated on a regular basis. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of contributors who have already made tens of thousands of posts. The queries that have already been successfully answered are also hosted on a blog. One of the biggest advantages of Bootstrap is that even if you are not proficient with CSS or HTML you will still be able to use it to develop web apps with it. In addition to being one of the best frameworks available right now, many of its UI Editors such as LayoutIt!, BootUI, Jetstrap, Divshot, and PaintStrap are available online for free.


There are plenty of ways to customize the default design of Bootstrap. In fact, all of its default Javascript and CSS behavior can be overridden. Bootstrap also allows SASS customization if you are a SASS developer. With the help of Bootstrap, you can use the SASS options to easily create a new template.

Compatible with browsers

Bootstrap is compatible with the stable and latest releases of all major platforms and browsers. For example, in case of Windows, Bootstrap works with Microsoft Edge and the versions 10 and 11 of Internet Explorer. With the help of Bootstrap, you can develop a website that will work on any browser.

One of the best responsive web design frameworks out there

Responsive web design or RWD may be defined as optimizing the design of a website in such fashion so as to make its layout appealing and user-friendly across multiple screen sizes and devices such as a smartphone, desktop, tablet or laptop.

Some of the reasons why Bootstrap is one of the best frameworks to use for responsive web design are –

  • Within the framework, you can reuse the code to avoid repetition.
  • Use grid options that are responsive and pre-built in order to utilize the responsive design concepts to the fullest.
  • Use a starter theme to prototype designs within a time frame.
  • Bootstrap allows for consistency within a project even if multiple developers are working on the same.

With a plethora of benefits to its name, Bootstrap is not only one of the most popular frameworks in use but is expected to explode in its universal appeal and application in the very near future. So, if you are looking for a bright career with Bootstrap, we recommend that you enroll yourself into an advanced web design course.


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