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Top 5 Skills To Become A Creative Designer

Top 5 Skills To Become A Creative Designer

What is the first thing that catches your attention when you visit a website? Well, it is the visual appeal. So, website designs are important for all business owners. Today, muted color palettes, illustrations, animation, heavy fonts, and many more are in trend. While creativity is fundamental, you must learn the trending design skills to become a creative web designer. So, let’s have a look at the top 5 skills to become a creative web designer.

Design Tools

Most of the people now use their mobile devices to browse the web. So, learn about design tools that can help you to design stunning websites for all devices with speed. Some of such design tools are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Mockplus, and Sketch.

UX/ UI Design

Do you know designers pay attention to user experience (UX) and user interface (UI)? Now, they create an uncluttered layout with careful use of colors and textures. Logically organized content, maintenance of consistency, and many such things are now essential to have a fantastic user interface.


You must have the knowledge of cascading style sheets (CSS), a fundamental element of modern web design. Today, many web designers also learn HTML language along with CSS to create visually pleasing web site design layout and structure. If HTML offers the structural framework of a website, CSS makes it beautiful by applying colors, fonts, objects, and so on. CSS is also necessary to create parallax scrolling which is now a design trend.

Content Management System

Do you approximately 80 million websites now run on WordPress? WordPress is a popular content management system. So, to become a creative web designer, you must be familiar with the basic concepts of CMS or content management system. It allows the designers to make frequent changes in the design and layout in less time and effort. Some of the other popular CMS in 2020 are Drupal, and Typo3.

Search Engine Optimization

To propel your career as a creative designer, you also need knowledge of keyword research, keyword content, page load speed, and so on. Today, this is a must-have skill to design websites that can appear at higher ranking in search engine page results.

Apart from the above top five skills, you must have excellent communication and time-management skill to work successfully in a fast-paced environment. So, enroll yourself in a web designing course and make the first step towards a glorious career.


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