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Is Plagiarism The New Normal In Web Design?

Plagiarism in Web Design

“God makes originals not carbon copies. It’s okay to be inspired by someone, but be bold enough to be yourself.”

 -Tony Gaskins

The quote by the renowned motivational speaker is quite popular, but this is another insignificant quote for those who don’t prefer to rack their brains. Yes, here we are talking about plagiarism becoming rampant in writing and design. Just like the several bestseller authors who are repeatedly accused of lifting and copying ideas of others, there is also no shortage of web designers who believe in working less and getting inspired more and more! Astonishingly, some websites have an uncanny resemblance in terms of design, and the excuse is always the big word-INSPIRATION!

So how much is too much?

Our team members recently bumped across a website of a Bangalore based IT training institute, and our opinion regarding their website is how they can copy our entire design? They have grossly crossed the thin line between creativity and inspiration. The following facts demonstrate the same. Let’s have a look.


Duplicate Header Slider

As it is apparent, the header section has a striking resemblance with our website. Be it the colour palette, text positioning or buttons for call to action and social media, everything is insanely same. Here, the only standout element is the logo which is obviously not copied.

Banner Slider

Banner Slider

The banner slider is more or less identical in choice of colours-white and orange and its positioning to the left of the banner image. OK, we pass it as an inspiration, but can we deny the apparent plagiarism in the next section of our website design?

Body Content

Body ContentJust a glance at their website reveals that they have copied our entire content of the homepage. In fact, they were absorbed in copying our content to such an extent that they didn’t realize they offer more than eight courses. Aha! Copying is the most convenient solution instead of writing some original text.

Footer Section
Footer Section

Now see the footer section of SKMTECHNOSOLZ INSTITUTE has similarity with our footer section. They have been so much into plagiarizing that they didn’t even figure out that there is no employer section. If you click on their employer footer navigation link, it will redirect you to their career page, and as usual, the colour palette is here the same.

Same images with our corporate logo!

Corporate Logo

Now, this is a helluva plagiarism case! They even have used our blog images with our corporate logo. Most of the blog images are downloaded and used for their own blog content, but unfortunately, they forgot to delete our logo. Even in one of their blogs, the blog title is the same even when their business is not based in Kolkata like us but is in Bangalore!

Domain Age

Domain Age

To establish the fact that it is indeed they who have plagiarized our web design, we have provided the domain age of both. As you can see yourself, their domain age is less than ours.

Here, the level of plagiarism is colossal. Just like our website design has been copied, tomorrow this could happen with your website. Don’t let others ruin your efforts. Let’s make the right noise- comment and share!


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