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The Continual Growth In The Demand For B2B Digital Marketers


According to the 2017 Marketing Hiring Trends report released by McKinley, an approximate 44% of companies have geared up themselves to hire B2B digital marketing professionals in 2017. Naturally, there is now a tremendous demand for skilled professionals having a thorough knowledge of the various tactics of B2B digital marketing, and the trend is not going to fade away in anytime soon. Amidst such a scenario, it is worthy to know some of the reasons that have caused such a surge in the demand of B2B digital marketers.

B2B buyer starts purchase journey with a web search

Gone are the days when buyers used to enquire about a product from their friends, relatives or colleagues. In 2017, the modern B2B buyer is tech savvy and knows how to operate a range of mobile devices while in a go. Moreover, easy access to the web has facilitated the buyer to begin his or her purchase journey with a web search.

No wonder, it is speculated that close to a whopping 92% of B2B buyers do a web search before buying anything from an online or a brick or mortar store. Sometimes, the reason is to check the availability of the product in the nearby locality and sometimes, it is price comparison, reading product reviews posted by genuine buyers and much more.

Businesses now can’t afford to miss a pronounced online presence as its absence will ultimately lead to less sale and eventually less ROI. Furthermore, it has become necessary for a B2B business to embrace digital marketing as a buyer can do a product research using any medium like mobile, laptop, social networking sites, and so on.

Follow-up is much easier in digital marketing

Digital marketing has made follow-up much easier as it is a cost-effective way to contact potential buyers without being too intrusive. B2B digital marketing professionals are a pro in using different approaches for follow-up and convert leads successfully into sales. Well-crafted approaches result in building immense trust and brand retention.

In such an environment, it is wise to go for an advanced digital marketing course from a reputed training institute where it is possible to work on live projects. In India, you can easily find such an institute where one can pursue such a course and become a successful B2B digital marketing professional.


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