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Benefits of Learning Angular, Vue, and React js For Your Future Career

Today, there is a soaring demand for developers who are well-versed with the most popular frameworks for the development of websites and web apps. Among the most popular ones, AngularJS, Vue.js, and React.js deserve special mention. Here, while both Angular and Vue are frameworks, React.js is a JavaScript library that enables easy creation of UI components. Let’s dig deeper to find the reasons that make learning these so lucrative for your future career. So, have a look.

Growth Potential

While Angular.js is maintained by Google, React.js is used by Facebook, which shows that both have tremendous potential for growth in the future. Similarly, with 170,000 GitHub stars, there is a trust for Vue.js in the developer community, and this clearly indicates that vue.js has immense potential to grow. Remember, it is always best to learn skills that are or will be in high demand.

Plenty of Flexibility

These three are all component-based, which means their components can be reused as per the requirement during developing apps. This reusability offers a lot of flexibility to developers. So learning these frameworks or the library makes a lot of sense, especially if you are aspiring to become a skilled custom app developer.

Higher Efficiency

Both Vue.js and React.js work on the virtual Document Object Model (DOM) model that means both are highly efficient for developing highly stable web applications. With its Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, Angular.js is also not lagging behind and makes the task of development, maintenance, and testing a cakewalk for developers.

All three are currently the most sought-after technologies for building attractive and scalable websites, web apps, and mobile apps across the world. So, with so many benefits, act fast. Get yourself enrolled in a training institute that offers Angular js course, Vue js course, and React js course so that you can learn all the three under one roof! At present, classroom learning may not appear safe due to social distancing measures. So, look for institutes that are offering 1:1 online courses with free demo classes. Last but not least, be focused on your goal.


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