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7 Key Tips for Students to Choose The Best IT Training Institute

7 Key Tips for Students to Choose The Best IT Training Institute

In today’s competitive day and age, just having an undergraduate degree is not enough to land a decent job. This is why many students want to learn specific industry skills and join training institutes for the same. One such popular and diverse sector is that of Information Technology.

The first and foremost thing to do is identifying your interest because IT is such a diverse field. There’s digital marketing, web designing& development, app development, software testing and so much more. Choosing your passion is the first step. The next step is to select the best training centre for proper guidance in the right direction.

To help you with that, here are seven key tips to choose the best IT training institute-

Brand Value

Have you ever noticed that iPhone users hardly switch to Android despite Android offering so many options? It’s the brand name and value of Apple that keeps its customers loyal.

The same applies when choosing an IT training institute. There might be many options out there but look for the ones with a brand legacy of its own. Play it safe by choosing an institute which has been in the industry for a long time and it is almost like a well known brand name in itself. This is what distinguishes a great institute from a good one.

Training Methodology & Course Curriculum

IT training is a bit different from the traditional classroom learning we were used to in school and college. Each institute has its own ways of imparting training but the standard methods include lectures, PPT, ebooks and video tutorials. If the institute imparts practical training via live projects then even better.

The course curriculum should be such that it develops not only your technical skills but also sharpens your analytical and soft skills too. This way, even after the completion of your course, you can always go back to your materials for reference.

Reputed Faculty

Expert faculty is a core determining factor when choosing an IT training institute. They should be people who have first hand experience in the industry and they not just teach but work alongside as well. Thereby, they can impart practical training to students as per the evolving world we live in.

The persons imparting the technical knowledge also have a great impact on the student’s learning curve. This is why it’s highly advisable to visit the training centre beforehand and interact with the faculty yourself.

Sound Infrastructure

State of the art, modern and well equipped infrastructural facilities will surely boost your experience of undergoing an IT course. For example, most IT courses require you to work on a computer. So, make sure that the training institute has an air conditioned computer lab with latest technology and fast internet connectivity.

As mentioned before, IT training is both practical as well as theoretical. This is why adequate infrastructure of classrooms, projectors, computer labs, fast internet connection are a must.

Job Assistance & Placement Record

The entire purpose of enrolling in an IT institute is to learn specialised industry skills and get placed in a decent job. Be absolutely sure to check the institute’s track record so far. How many people have got placed, what position are they working in, what is the starting package and so on. Try to get the names of all the companies that have recruited freshers from said institute.

However, the job of a good IT training centre does not end at providing knowledge and skill to their students. In order to secure their future, many of them provide job assistance. They use their industry tie ups to ensure that their students get placed at a good level.

Fee Structure & Financial Aid

There is a saying that education is only for the elite and unfortunately it is true. The higher up the ladder you go, the costlier it gets. This is why only a fraction of the population can afford to go for such specialisations. So do check out the fee structure of various institutes and compare them to get a better picture. Owing to the pandemic, many of them are offering discounts too.

The good news is that some IT training centres offer financial aid and even up to 100% scholarships for meritorious students coming from a poor background. Do look into those if you are passionate about IT training but are facing financial constraints. Also, don’t just opt for an institute which has considerably low fees as it might lack infrastructure and decent placements.

Approach The Alumni Network

Just like any other educational institution, IT training centres too have an alumni network. Getting in touch with someone who has already done a course at one of these centres is probably the best person to go to. He or she can give you the most accurate picture from his personal experience. You can connect with alumni via social media by finding them on the page of the respective institute.

So, when you are deciding about which training centre to choose, do keep these factors in mind. The choice must be made wisely since it will have a big impact on your future career. Set your goals and select an institute which can convert your dreams into reality.

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